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What brought you here is most likely a desire for change. Whether it's how you feel,

  • Tired

  • Low energy

  • Heavy

  • Sluggish

  • Sick

  • Poor digestion/gut problems

  • Poor Sleeping

  • Headaches

Or how you look...

  • Extra weight

  • Not as toned as you want

  • Thinning hair/hair loss

  • Acne

Or confused...

  • So many health claims!

  • So many diets offering promises but are they right for you? Keto, Paleo, Veganism, and etc..

  • Fasting, intermittent fasting

  • Cleanses, detoxes

Perhaps you or a loved one was recently diagnosed with a chronic disease and your physician has recommended lifestyle changes but your not sure where to begin to meet your daily life or need to support through the process. Change is hard!

After all nearly half of all Americans have a chronic illness.

Or you're a mom or wife looking for healthy options for her family to thrive.

  • Ways to introduce these healthy choices to fun and appealing to all

Struggling and in a rut with your workout?

I HEAR YOU! I have been where you are at some point in my life or have helped someone that has! I am here for you and it is my life's mission to help others emerge to their best version of ultimate health!

We dig deep, uncovering the root causes and get real solutions for lasting change!

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YOU make a difference. Invest in yourself!

Healthy you, healthy kids, healthy family, healthy relationships, healthy community, healthy world!

Your body represents your lifestyle choices. Make it strong, healthy, and vibrant!

It's true, our body reflects our lifestyle. How you feel and how you look. Our bodies are telling us something every day. Are you listening? We either make steps toward health or toward illness. We can make small changes starting today that will make a difference!  The power is within you! Allow me to walk you on your very own unique journey towards your ultimate health! To allow your best possible self to emerge!

There is a new health model that's EMERGING! That is more effective than ever before. It's collaborative, personal model that gets to the root cause and gives you the support to allow new habits to develop that will empower you to become your best version of you!

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My Story

My passion for health and fitness came at the age of 11, starting out unhealthily with eating disorders.  I overcame the eating disorders by turning an unhealthy addiction into a passion for helping others becoming fit, happier and leading healthier lifestyles.  I devoured every nutritional and fitness information I could find (mind you this was before the internet! Just dated myself). Through my struggles, hurdles and recovery I wanted to turn my experience into a positive to help others.  So, I went on to get my dietetic degree from Michigan State University and planned on getting a degree in psychology as well to help others with eating disorders.  Unfortunately, I was still having my own struggles so life took a different path for me at this time.  I took an opportunity to be a buyer for a corporate department store,  that I was working at while attending college.  This was a great career of travel, fashion, business, using my analytical side as well as creative side.  I still lived my passion with fitness and nutrition by counseling and “coaching” others that asked "what do you do to have so much energy?  What do you eat?  Will you help train me for a race?  Etc….” I did this for no fee but fit it in to my already hectic work load because of my love for helping others reach their health goals.

Then I moved to Indianapolis, got married to an incredible man and had a beautiful son.  My priorities were all about adjusting to that lifestyle and I was blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom.  I helped support my husband and his business, volunteered in the community with various organizations but still yearned to make more of an impact with those suffering with health issues.  The need for that individual support has been continually apparent.  Now that he is in school full-time I am back to pursuing my dream of a career of helping others to achieve their health goals. I am a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and am a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach through Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) which is an affiliate of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM).   I am a certified functional nutritionist with a deeper education on the full body systems, such as digestion, immune, cardio, endocrine, neuro, and reproductive.  I am currently pursuing my certification to become a functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner. 

 The importance and the power of what we eat/drink according to how our individual bodies and unique life factors affect what truly is the best nutritional protocol for an individual.  By working together, taking a detailed look at health history starting in utero to now and if known the family history we track, make connections and work like detectives.  We are not chasing symptoms but truly getting to the root.  

I continue educating myself in many of the chronic health conditions that are unfortunately on the rise.  Many of which can be prevented, or at least symptoms reduced, just by making the appropriate lifestyle changes.  As I grow older and with the close experiences of family members with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson's, depression, hypothyroidism, cancer, and other autoimmune diseases, longevity, biohacking, and brain health have certainly taken a front seat in my research.

As a certified health coach and certified functional nutritionist, I will walk alongside you.  You set the goals, the pace and the outcome.  I am here to support you, help make connections and guide you with personalized resources, education and whatever tools you need to reach YOUR goals. Change is hard and I am here to help make it easier.  Take control of your health and become empowered.  You are not alone!  I look forward to and feel blessed to be a part of your journey towards better health.

Experienced Certified Health & Nutritional Coaching Professional & Certified Personal Trainer

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